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African Adventure Tours

African Adventure Tours is one of the best privately owned tour operators in Ethiopia. We are a team of dedicated, professional staff, with the goal to accomplish your individual travel requests. We…

AGESHA Tours (Agere-Genet (paradise) Ethiopia of Symbolic & Historic Attractions) is one of the tour operators that has come into the tour operation business recently; and is managed and operated by…

 Aksum Tours is an inbound tour operator based in Aksum town, the birthplace of Ethiopia civilization. The company offers tailor made and package tours to individual and group f visitors with modern…
Ethio-Blossoms Tour and Travel

Ethio-Blossoms Tour and Travel, based in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, is established and owned by a group of educated entrepreneurs who have had adequate business experience in the country and…
FreeLand Tour & Travel

FreeLand Tour & Travel plc. is one of the leading Tour Operators in Ethiopia, providing comprehensive services for groups and individuals from and to the country.  FreeLand was first established in…
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Ras Robeen Tours

Ras Robeen Tours has been established in 2013 by an Ethiopian-German couple who lives in Addis Ababa. Through training and experience we put a lot of effort into the heart of our company: our team in…

·         Selam Int'l Travel and Tours has been working in the travel and tourism industry for more than fifteen years. It was founded with the aim of providing effective and efficient services for…


Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA)

 Amare Building, (between Megenagna & Lem Hotel)

11th Floor, Office No.---
Phone: (251) 115-508444/45
Mobile:(251) 930-100867
P.O.BOX: 8589  Addis Ababa , Ethiopia
email: etoa2013@gmail.com