Ethiopian Adventures

Saturday, 27 January 2018
Ethiopian Adventures

Ethiopian Adventures is an original tour operator that stands out unlike no other.

This is because the origins of the company lie in the award winning Simien Lodge, the only lodge in the country to win genuine tourism awards. Quality is our hallmark. African conservation is our desire. Sustainability is our future. We are a sister company of Simien Lodge, reputed for its community philanthropy.

Ethiopian Adventures do just what the name suggests. We make your tour into an experience and not simply a day-to-day drive around the sites. We adapt the journey according to the wishes of our clients by listening attentively to their wishes.

Ethiopia has so much to offer that it is impossible to standardise our tours.  Many people come to our country for the cultural experience. Others come to walk and trek, to bird-watch or to visit the national parks.  However most come to breath in the excitement that only Africa can offer. We cater for all of these requirements and we adapt our journeys according to the client requests.


We have the word ‘Adventure’ in our name because we believe that our clients are looking for something extraordinary. They want to return home knowing that they have not simply been on holiday. Africa is never ordinary. It is always an adventure and the stories that people take back home with them are our references for future clients. Our future clients are our insurance for the next ten years and therefore your satisfaction is our goal.




Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA)

 Kazanchis Area (Bambis),Enat Building,
5th Floor, Office No. 508
Phone: (251) 115-508444/45
Mobile:(251) 930-100867
P.O.BOX: 8589  Addis Ababa , Ethiopia