Monday, 27 November 2017

J.H.SIMEX TOUR AND TRAVEL ( Wing of Intercontinental Addis Hotel) is designed with new energetic investors and professionals to bring the dream comes true about the magnificent Ethiopian Tourism Potential and our tours anchored on sustainable tourism development with fairer prices to prompt the attractions and bring more travelers to visit our ancient diverse and unique country – Ethiopia…

Whenever travelers are looking for a convenient Tour Operator to hold serious attraction that will stay in their memory for longer time, travelers chose to work with Desalegn and Enku who are the prominent tour operators in Ethiopia working in the industry for more than 15 years at different levels and by profession they are Tour Operators, Historians Geologists and Nature Lovers.

1/we are service providers at one stop with excellent preparation, highly competent professional and friendly staff, close interaction with local community and promotional/attractive rates for the well examined tour packages.

2/ In an ever changing and developing travel market , we always give paramount attention for the product knowledge and it is a corner stone. We believe that, we will meet the demands of the market through our proximity to travelers, professionalism, creativity and cost effectiveness.

3/ we actively approach our customers and react quickly and flexible to their travel demands with our one stop service and guarantee that our respected customers can fully depend on us and our integrity in any situation.

4/we are different in that our major aim is to inspire people of the world to visit Ethiopia through our passion for this amazing country and make travelers the dream comes true that often leaves travelers with a sense of awe and unanswered questions.


Let us guide you through the exciting and mysterious places of Ethiopia.