Pagumen Tour and Travel S.C

Wednesday, 08 November 2017
Pagumen Tour and Travel S.C


                                                                                                       Pagumen Tour and Travel S.C


Picking our name from the 13th month of Ethiopian calendar, “Pagumen” Tour and Travel S.C is a newly established, but the first share company of its own in Ethiopian history. Pagumen, a month succeeded by Enkutatash, name for Ethiopian New Year which simply means Gift of Jewelry. Dawning from the date of Inception to inauguration, Pagumen S.C has exceptionally trailed its origination.

Whether you travel for business meetings, want to spend your time engaged in a journey full of expeditions or simply want to discover pilgrimage entitlement, nature and cultural diversity of the wonderfully unique country of Ethiopia, we understand that traveling is a great learning process that can only be met by a good service in a good business, making you a ceaseless explorer in your journey towards discovery of the outside world, Africa but more closely Ethiopia, a city of appetite. All journeys have secret destinations that you are unaware of .Until you explore you, may miss the inward looking of Ethiopia truism.

Ethiopia is an extraordinary journey itself an exploration of unique dishes, Injera, magnificent coffee culture, a wealth of rich orthodox religious diversity and origin of Christianity, Solomonic dynasty and Ark of covenant, exception calendar, alphabetical orders, time and dates and so much more. Let the Trip Take you to your unexplored world.






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