Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Monpays Tour Operator is a company established in 2004 to engage in a multitude of tour operation activities in Ethiopia with a start-up capital of birr 30,000. The capital at the moment has reached well above a million creating job opportunities for more than 17 employees on temporary and permanent basis.


Ato Yared Mulugeta, who is the founder and general manager of the company, has a long time proven experience in the field of tourism which succeeds well after the establishment of the company. He has been an IT specialist at Alliance Ethio- Française, an independent guide and an operation manager before establishing Monpays Tours. These series of experiences

in the field that the founder passed through have in fact contributed to Monpays’ current success.

The scale and type of services that the company executed since its establishment, has elevated its stature to a new platform where it stands as a reliable and trusted partner in the field. In the last few years that the company has undertaken tour and travel works, it has demonstrated to be a successful company acquiring tremendous achievements within a short time.


The technical staffs working on site and in the office are all well qualified and experienced in different fields of tour and travel. The company’s efficient matrix organization assures easy tracking of its audit ability and profitability, which has kept it at a highly competitive level. In addition, the structure of the company allows flexibility and adjustability to fit to a demanding environment.


As a growing company, Monpays Tours has its short and long term vision. Its immediate target is to successfully handle its esteemed clients while at the same time continually upgrade and update its facilities, management tools and systems. The long term vision includes engaging in a multi disciplinary field which includes the hospitality industry. The top qualities of the General Manager leading the company with farsightedness, fast decision making personality, feedback oriented control and supervision will undoubtedly lead the company to attain its visions in a remarkable pace.


Monpays Tours seeks to provide first-rate flexibility service to its clients and promote the image of Ethiopia as an unequalled tourism destination in the world.


As part of the company’s visions, Monpays has currently started establishing a top quality eco-lodge in Axum town on

12,000m2 of land ( of which about 5,000m2 is builable) having a splendid quality 20 varying types of bed rooms, bar and restaurant, gazebo, recreational green and other amenities.


Its long term development plans is to establish similar eco-lodges in different parts of tourist destinations.


The company has come up with the envisaged idea with a great dedication and enthusiasm to successfully accomplish it.



Monpays’ vision is to become the leading tour operator in Ethiopia



Monpays’ mission is to offer high level services and to promote the image of Ethiopia as an unequalled tourism destination in the world.




FIT, Groups and Incentives

Monpays Tours is highly specialized in organizing trips for individuals and groups coming to Ethiopia on holiday. Our team

of multilingual and dynamic professionals has an extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of tourism and an in- depth understanding of Ethiopia as a destination.



Even if Monpays tours have the lion’s share of the francophone market, our customers also come from different parts of the

globe. Among our valued foreign partners, we have close partnership with big travel agents and wholesalers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Israel, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.




Customers traveling with Monpays tours can enjoy various modes of traveling: Trekking, horse riding, rafting, walking, etc




Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA)

 Kazanchis Area (Bambis),Enat Building,
5th Floor, Office No. 508
Phone: (251) 115-508444/45
Mobile:(251) 930-100867
P.O.BOX: 8589  Addis Ababa , Ethiopia